With over ten years in business, NextDeal (formerly Digital Docs.net) is dedicated to growing our clients’ revenues through ground-breaking web-based technologies. Our ability to learn and keep up with changing markets and technology means our platform is constantly evolving, keeping our clients ahead of their competition.

That efficiency is reflected in our NextDeal platform, developed initially for the title insurance industry and now available to real estate and mortgage companies. With a proven track record of success helping more than 500 clients and 250,000 homeowners nationwide, this solution increases market share and repeat business while decreasing operating costs.

We pride ourselves in staying at the forefront of the real estate industry. We understand how important every new or renewed customer can be. That is why we deliver on improved market share for our clients while maintaining their strong relationships with clients and customers.

Feeding our drive is the raw talent of our account managers, support staff, developers and executive management. Our team is committed to providing the absolute best personal service both before and after your closings.