U Heard Me! Unfiltered Observations with Robert Reich

Title Agent Jill Bunch’s Multiple Revenue Streams

To: Robert Reich, CEO, NextDeal

From: Jill Bunch, President & Owner, Columbia Title, Inc


For too many years I have wanted to develop other legal streams of income to compliment the home buying process at Columbia Title, Inc, headquartered in Lafayette, Indiana. With my over 20 years of experience in the industry I knew there had to be a way for me to include compliant value-add services for homeowners that would be a real benefit.

Enter NextDeal’s preDOCS!

From the first time you showed me how preDOCS enables our buyers and sellers to fill out, read and sign all of our pre-closing documentation (e.g., statement of identity, payoff, HOA, vesting forms and more), I knew I found the answer.

Since preDOCS is integrated with our Resware title production system and automatically begins connecting with our homeowners just after we open a new file, I thought, “What a great time to offer our buyers who need homeowner’s insurance with an easy way to get multiple quotes from national insurance carriers!” So I asked you to design a single page in your preDOCS platform giving buyers a one-click option to get a quote or easily continue on if they aren’t interested.

Almost immediately after implementing this offer we started to see over 40% of our buyers clicking on the “Request A Quote” option! Because they have inputted most of the information necessary to get pricing on a homeowner’s insurance policy in preDOCS,which is then passed through to the application page, this is absolutely the easiest way for the consumers to compare coverage and pricing (and we all know how important ease-of-use is to home buyers!).

Thanks to you and your preDOCS team for creating this unique platform that delivers so many benefits to Columbia Title’s home buyers.

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