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OPTIMIZE Your Agency: When 1 + 1 Equals More Than Two!

NEWS FLASH!  Super title consultants Kay Underwood and Brie McDaniel have joined forces to create a new firm, Title Insurance Consultants.

When was the last time you had a comprehensive assessment of your agency completed?  Do you need a new ops manager?  Is your title software optimized for 2018?  Do you want to centralize your operations and don’t know where to start?   Do you need more tech support?

Whether you have a company of three employees or as large as 3,500 they can work with any title company or law firm that’s looking to improve their processes to become more efficient and profitable.

Don’t miss this very optimized conversation I had with Kay and Brie who have combined over 40 years of experience in which we talk everything from curative to operations and senior management needs.

Listen Now:  https://soundcloud.com/user441532013/title-insurance-consultants-interview


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