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Title Q and A with Robert Reich: How do I engage everyone in my agency in the sales process?

Q: Hi Rob. My company doesn’t use sales reps to bring in new business– as the owner I try to do it myself. I know other title agencies promote everyone on the team being part-time sales reps. Does this strategy work? How would I go about implementing it?    Tom A., Title Owner

Tom, great questions! I know many agencies and law firms wrestle with this issue. To get to the best of best, I forwarded your question to Dr. Cindy McGovern, The First Lady Sales, of Orange Leaf Consulting (www.orangeleafconsulting.com). Cindy works with settlement agents and underwriters everywhere to help their teams understand how everyone plays an important role. Her answer…

A (Dr. Cindy): Great question, Tom! And YES! I am a big advocate of your entire team being part of the sales effort, but we think that it is a FULL time job. Let me explain. Anytime your team interacts with a customer or potential customer, that is a sales transaction. They just don’t realize it. They probably call it ‘customer service’-but it is actually sales. So, the key is getting them to think about it and make that extra effort each and every time. There are a couple of things that you, as the owner, can do to help them get the hang of this.

  1. Address the ick factor-most folks have a predisposition that sales is icky…so talk about it. Discuss how they don’t have to be Super Sales Rep #47, but they just need to put themselves in the other person’s shoes and think about what they would need/want in that moment and make sure we are delivering on it each and every time.
  2. Share the goals. Let the team know that we are all in the same boat and we are rowing together. Give them something to shoot for (Monthly/Weekly/Daily)
  3. Give them some pointers-your team may need some training/coaching to get the hang of this, so don’t be afraid to invest in this, show videos, read books/blogs…give them the information and the power to deliver the best possible customer experience out there.
  4. Celebrate successes! The team needs to know when they have done something well and when a goal has been met. The more you celebrate with them, the more you reinforce that those are the right behaviors!

I hope this helps at least a little. You can always contact me at cmcgovern@orangeleafconsulting.com if you have additional questions. Good luck!

Rob’s note: If you have a sales, marketing, operations, technology, etc… question on which you would like an expert opinion, please email me at rreich@nextdeal.us and I’ll get you the best answer possible!

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