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Sales Excellence: Raise The Level Of Your Thinking

I just returned from the Ramquest User’s Conference in Dallas, Texas.  What a great meeting!  The Ramquest team put on a class event filled with quality speakers on nearly every pertinent topic that fostered productive small group conversations before and after.  In attendance were some of the top agents in the country and I had the pleasure to speak with just about everyone.

One of the highlights of the trip was getting to see and hear Darryl Turner.  Darryl, the title industry’s marketing guru, never disappoints and you won’t have to worry about falling asleep at his presentation after the hotel lunch.  His session was full of energy and pace—throwing marketing idea after sales idea to the title agents in the room, in between handing out free copies of his CD’s, DVD’s and book.  (I can’t do his presentation justice in this short email so to learn more about Darryl visit his website at www.darrylturner.com)

Darryl covered some very interesting ground in his presentation all on how a title agency can achieve greater success.  One thing he said really resonated with me, “Your life will never rise above the level of your thinking!”    What a profound and simply elegant statement.  We are all living the life we have designed from within from the positive and limiting beliefs we have.  Your limiting beliefs keep you where you are today (or worse, can make you lose ground) and your desire (positive beliefs) to be “more”, strives for the goals you have set.  If you are like me, most days my “desire” wins but sometimes my limiting beliefs get the better of me–a real “ying” and “yang” scenario!

Let me introduce you to two other profound statements that supports Darryl’s point:

“Change, and the world will with change with you.”  –Brian Tracy

“To achieve something you have never achieved before, you must become someone you have never been before.”  –Brian Tracy

If you have never looked at your goals with these thoughts in mind, you are trying to ice skate uphill.  It just won’t work.  If you have goals (and desires) to make your life richer and more rewarding, you must evolve and become a new you.  Despite what some people say, I believe we all have the capacity to change!   It is only a matter of desire.  Ask yourself “HOW MUCH DO I WANT IT?”  (The “it” is whatever you decide.)  There is always a price to pay and worthwhile goals are always worth the price.

It all starts by “raising the level of your thinking”.

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